Which Cricut machine should I get?

This is probably the most popular question we get in our inboxes.  Understandably, our customers want to know which of the  machines are best for their needs.  The graphic below shows the differences among the three machines:


If you're a newbie in the crafting world, which machine is best for you?

With Cricut, there's no such thing as a beginner's machine.  All three machines use Design Space - the Cricut companion app that lets you design and cut with your Cricut machines.

If you have space constraints, the Cricut Joy would be the perfect machine for you.  The Cricut Joy is obviously a lot smaller compared to the other two machines.  It's compact and portable - perfect for your small space.  You can use it to create decals, cake toppers, personalized shirts and cards. 

If you have the space and want to create decals, cake toppers, greeting cards, or stickers, the Cricut Explore 2 is a powerful machine that can do all those projects mentioned.

If you want to level your crafts up a bit with debossing and engraving, or want to work with materials like chipboard, wood, fabric - then the Cricut Maker it is! 

If you want to create decals without the help of a cutting mat then the Cricut Explore 3 best suits you. It works matless with Smart Materials and you can still use it to create cake toppers, cards and stickers with the help of a cutting mat. 

If you want a more advanced machine to create your crafts that can cut any fabric, leather and even delicate materials, then the Cricut Maker 3 will be the best option. It cuts 2x faster than any other Cricut cutting machine and works matless with Smart Materials. 

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