Vivian Nocum of Vivian and Vernice

Vivian Nocum of Vivian and Vernice

"I work hard, play harder and pray the hardest."

This month, we bring the focus to some of the strong women we have worked with. Sharing with you Vivian and Vernice's inspiring message for newbie crafters:

Hi! This is Vivian, the mom-crafter behind the socmed Vivian and Vernice on Facebook, TikTok and IG. I am a full-time special education and Science HS teacher for 15 years now and also a local biz-owner. Currently, I am a Cricut Philippines ambassador and an affiliate for The Happy Station.

As a woman, the younger me was driven primarily by my desire to learn new things, to be always on top of my game, to be up for any challenges, to move and travel, to hoard things, fight for advocacies I believed in, no matter the cost. As I aged, I learned to value passion, simplicity and contentment. That when I have less, I have more. I just love and appreciate my simple life as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a friend and a colleague. I work hard, play harder and pray the hardest. This mantra kept me in balance.

My crafting journey is so simple, too. It started with a dream and with stroke of luck, I won my Cricut Explore Air 2 in a collaboration of The Happy Station x Hellomardie .This humble beginning is the reason why I am here in our crafting community. The goal was to craft what I love, pay it forward, always help, create and inspire, and maybe empower others. Unexpectedly, these gestures has opened so many doors of opportunities and allowed me to connect with all of you. I am truly grateful for every encounter.

As I share a piece of myself with our readers, may this empower you all to create and craft your heart out, share your works, trust your timeline and appreciate your own process. In my realization, I didn't need to outbest others - I just need to be me. May this principle work for you as it did for me. Let's continue to love, root for others and appreciate even the simplest projects made of love. Let's all live a happy and fulfilled life ❤️

Happy Women's Day, ladies! 👸

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