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Siser & Creative Fabrica are gifting you 1 year of FREE All Access which gives you unlimited access to over 15 million fonts, graphics, and digital resources for a full year.

How does it work?

  • Purchase the All Access Yearly – Click the purchase button below and go through the checkout process.
  • After you’ve purchased, you can start downloading right away.
  • Next, go to this form and request a full refund
  • Within 5 working days, we will issue a full refund to your chosen payment method.

10 reasons why you should get ALL ACCESS today

1. Access to all the designs you can think of

  • Over 8 million directly usable design resources.
  • 718,630 high quality Print On Demand (POD) assets.
  • 156,032 beautiful fonts for you to download without limits.
  • 8,118,601 amazing graphics. Simply beautiful.
  • 54,256 adorable embroidery designs
  • 210,394 crafts to be extra creative.

2. New high quality resources are added daily

  • Over 50,000+ active designers.
  • New resources are released daily for you to use immediately.

3. We got you covered. All files come with a commercial license

  • Fully free to use the files commercially.
  • The license is valid worldwide.
  • Work that you create can be used forever - even after you cancel your subscription.
  • All graphics can be included in print & video advertising.
  • Great companies use and trust Creative Fabrica.

4. Get the exact graphic you're looking for. Just how you envisioned it

  • Stop the endless searches in an attempt to find the perfect design resources you had in mind.
  • Always have the perfect design available. Exactly as you’ve visualized them.
  • Have our range of crafty designers on hand to create designs just for you.
  • Tailor-made designs for YOUR specific needs.

5. Create your own magical designs in an instant using CF Spark

  • With the CF Spark tools, you can create anything imaginable by simply describing it. Using AI technology, new unique content is created.
  • Endless creator possibilities, with new tools constantly added to the Spark family.
  • Download for free with your All Access Subscription.

6. Hone your skills by following inspiring classes

  • Have access to hundreds of classes covering many skills level and topics.
  • Learn directly from passionate crafters and designers on our platform.
  • Join a community of fellow student crafters and designers. Share your projects for feedback and inspiration.
  • Learn at your own pace and check your progress.

7. Astonishing discounts from great providers of craft supply

8. Your online font manager

  • View all fonts in one simple overview.
  • Find the perfect font for your next project faster.
  • Adding, exploring and viewing your fonts is lightning fast.
  • With just 1 click with you view all characters in a font (this even includes PUA encoded characters).
  • Meeting a client? Having multiple machines? Simply login and access all your fonts within seconds.
  • Secure Backup. Just in case you lose your fonts, simply download them from FontCloud and get everything up & running again!
  • No installation needed. All you need is a browser.

9. Create unique word cloud art with ease

  • Create your own creative and unique word clouds.
  • Upload your own fonts.
  • Get creative and upload every shape you like (svg-format).
  • Choose your own color or go for a multi-color color scheme.
  • Unlimited designs only for All Access subscribers.

10. And there is much more

  • Premium support.
  • A full social community of thousands of crafters to engage and interact with.
  • Connect with your favorite designers and stay up-to-date.
  • Get new inspiration in your inbox.
  • And so much more...

Get you Siser Juliet machine here: SISER | Juliet, 30cm High-Definition Cutting Machine


For more details, just visit or go to www.CreativeFabrica/Siser

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