Projects To Make with a Cricut

Looking for inspirations for your next Cricut project?  We're sharing some of our favorites here!



Amazing how different textures of paper can really make a card pop!
These pretty and witty cards were made by Veve at Veve Makes It using her Cricut Joy. Cricut recently featured these cards on their Facebook page!
No Cricut projects feature would be complete without these cake toppers from Leah Que at Desserts First.
Check out this ferris wheel cake topper that Jewels from Payper Cuts made! Yes - the ferris wheel can really move!
I never thought the Hulk would look good in glitter! This was a very easy project to do.  The layered SVG file came from Design Space's Avengers digital cartridge. Made with glitter cardstock from The Happy Station
Leigh at Love Isabella Ph has made so many clients happy with these 3D letter standees! 
What we all need right now is a little bit of kindness.  Vince at Vince Art Studio creates the prettiest planner stickers.
Angel is a homeschooling mom who DIYs her homeschool materials. She made tactile Number, Alphabet and Baybayin cards for her Kinesthetic learner.  She sells these too! Check out her items at Books and Buddy.
Maine's shadowboxes capture her clients' most precious moments.
Geca helped her friend create the most romantic proposal and the most unique box to hold the ring in. Her creations are unique and oh so pretty. You can see more of them on her Instagram account -  Geca Guno
I love how Tippy at Googly Gooeys used her Cricut to style an event for Oreo. Sweet! Watch how they did it here.
Amazing what love and Cricut can do together! Camille Herrera at Sprinkles & Co. DIYed all the decor for her duaghter's 5th birthday party.

Vinyl Decals

Nanay Mara's pantry staples are always pretty and organized with these Cricut made decals.  She shares more of her home decorating and organizing tips at Hello Mardie.
Claude creates the prettiest personalized jewelry organizers. Check out her other designs at Olivia & Co. 
Elevate your cake toppers by using a mix of different materials and textures, like how Hello Mardie did it.
Aaah... dare I say every household SHOULD have this sock board that Leah of Leibels and More made? 
Back to school means back to bento making! Hello Mardie labelled these pretty bento boxes from Penny Scallan.

Iron On Vinyls / HTV

Hello Mardie made this special onesie for an extra special baby. Don't you just love the color palette?
Who says wood and iron on vinyls can't go together? This rustic wooden label we did came out really pretty! The design looks like it was painted on. Wood discs available at The Happy Station
Tippy at Googly Gooeys' choice of metallic HTV for these suede keychains are spot on. They look so pretty!

As stencils

Gorgeous! Swifties all over swooned over this mat. Maine at Maker Maine painted this with the help of a Cricut made stencil.
This rustic holiday wood board sign is right in time for the holidays. Check out the glittery red Rudolph nose! Watch how we made this sign here


It's fun to DIY when you have the proper tools! Tippy at Googly Gooeys made these felt veggie toys . 

Craft Foam

Customize your own stamps by cutting craft foams into the shape you want.
Googly Gooeys
This project also by Googly Gooeys makes us hungry! What do you want on your DIY pizza? Mushrooms? Onions? Olives? Cut every topping you can think of with your Cricut! 
Another great homeschooling idea! Calendar made from craft foam to help kids get familiar with numbers and days of the week. That's little Riley there making a cameo at the Googly Gooeys headquarters.


This dog tag engraved with a Cricut Maker using the Cricut Engraving Tip.
The Happy Station


You can also personalize acrylic keychains and signs using the Cricut Engraving tip, just like Joane of Print Boss did.


Did these projects inspire you? Which one's your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy crafting!


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