Mother's Day Lockdown Surprise!

Here at The Happy Station, we're always on the lookout for ways to create happy!  So, when two men asked us to deliver the Cricut Maker as their surprise gifts to their wives last Mother's Day, we were more than happy to oblige!  Take note, it was Mother's Day, and the whole metro was still under ECQ. Riders were few and far between.  Thankfully, the universe worked with us to bring it all together to give these happy moms a surprise that makes it all worth it. 

Sharing with you snippets of our convo with:

Jems Arcenal Mendoza, married to Anjo Mendoza for 2 years and mom to a 1 year old boy.  Currently working for their family business.



Sara Resurreccion with Raymond Resurreccion, married for 10 years, a mom of 2, and a Delivery Excellence Manager for a Multinational IT company.  She also sells her really pretty cakes and cookies at Sara Munting Panadera (IG: @sara_munting_panadera). 


1. What do you think gave your hubby the idea to gift you with a Cricut?

Jems:  I think he saw me watching Cricut reviews and tutorials on Youtube and then kept on talking about it.  I was thinking to buy one for myself but i’m not in a hurry because it’s quite expensive, Little did I know he already bought one for me as a mother’s day gift! 😱

Sara:  I have been researching on the Cricut Maker for a while. I even joined Happy Stations's IG live sessions even when I didnt even have a machine yet. My husband is very observant on things like that.

2. Did you have any inkling he was getting you one?

Jems: Kind of. But I was really surprised when he got me one right away.

Sara: Not at all. He knew I was saving up for it but I didn't know he will actually buy one.

3. What was your initial reaction? 😊

Jems: I felt so happy and ‘kilig’ because he was actually listening and paid attention to what I’m saying. Plus, he made an effort to look for the machine.

Sara: I cried...ugly tears 😜

4. Now that you have a Cricut, what projects are you planning to make?

Jem: Planning to make personalized gifts and favors for family and friends. And maybe I could also sell some crafts in the future when I’m already good at it. 😄

Sara:  I own a cake decorating shop and I have cake topper projects in the pipeline. My daughter and husband are even more excited and they have been exploring Design Space for projects to make. It's definitely going to be a family affair.

Stories like these never fail to inspire us to create more #happy moments for you.  We love knowing how the Cricut machine gives you the 'kilig' feels!  And in this case, we're also super thankful for observant husbands who pay attention! Do you have your own Cricut story to share?  Let us know by sending us an email at  

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