Meet the Maker - Thea Ong, Crafter and Watercolor Artist

A woman can wear many hats. Juggling family, jobs and responsibilities, among other things. It is not uncommon to find the realities of life begin to weigh one down. Something similar happened to our featured crafter this month, Thea Ong. But instead of succumbing to that feeling, she found the perfect outlet in her art. 


Thea began her foray into crafts with calligraphy in 2016. Influenced by a few friends who were already doing calligraphy, she took up the hobby and found it to be the perfect way to break up the ‘monotonous life of motherhood’ she was feeling. She didn’t stop there. “My best friend gave me a very nice watercolor paper pad, and that started my watercolor journey.”


Inspiration can come from anywhere. For Thea, she found that teaching her children pushed her creativity further. “My eldest started joining art contests and I would train her.”  And train her she did.  Thea taught her daughter everything she knew.  Not only did her daughter excel in the arts, but it also fueled the drive in her to keep growing and pursuing her passions. “That also got me to seek and enjoy expressing myself through art.”

Thea and The Happy Station

Now brimming with creative juices, Thea immersed herself in the arts and crafts scene where she stumbled upon Cricut cutting machines. She purchased a Cricut Maker 3 from The Happy Station and found the perfect medium to combine her skills as a calligrapher and watercolor artist with cutting technology. “One memorable project was when I combined my love for watercolor and crafting using Cricut. The wreath artwork using Cricut Watercolor markers got featured as a separate post in Cricut official page.”

Another project still in the pipeline is bringing to reality her father’s ideas.. “I would really love to bring to life my dad’s creative works (board games he invented) with my watercolor and crafting skills. It is something I wish to be able to finish and launch soon.”  (We look forward to seeing that too!)

Thea’s Favorite Things

Much like other crafters, Thea also has her own list of tools and materials that spark joy for her. “I love my watercolor paints, brushes and journals. Even though I rarely paint

nowadays, I still feel tingly and warm inside whenever I check my old paintings.” And of course, she also loves her Cricut.  “Buying my Cricut maker 3 was one decision I am proud of thanks to the influence of (ehem) The Happy Station.” (You’re welcome Thea!)

Words of Wisdom

Today you can find Thea holding workshops, going where she is most needed and proudly holding the title of Cricut ambassador. For those who are interested in pursuing watercolor painting, Thea shares “that for any hobby, always think about your mental health. Do what makes you happy and enjoy the process. Never stop honing your skills and always stay humble. Invest in yourself and you will see the fruit of this investment if you work hard and do good to reach your goals. The journey is as important as the destination.”

Wise words from an experienced crafter and instructor.

You may check out Thea Ong’s works on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

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