July Featured Crafter: Jackie Florendo - Where Art Meets Sugar!

Maybe you’ve heard of her, maybe you haven’t. But we guarantee that one look at her work, and you’ll never forget her name.

One look–that’s all it takes, and you’ll forever be amazed by the incredible talents of Jackie Florendo, the mastermind behind some of the most jaw-dropping and mouth-watering cake creations you'll ever lay eyes on. As a Pastry Chef and Sugar Artist, Jackie has been wowing the world with her edible works of art since 2017. 

As a testament to her professionalism and artistry, she has held workshops across the Philippines, from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao, spreading the love and knowledge of handmade sugar flowers, cake painting, and edible sculpting. But she didn't stop there! Her talents and expertise have taken her around the world; conducting workshops in Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Macau, and Malaysia. Even participating as a judge to various prestigious culinary shows and contests. Truly, Jackie's passion for her craft knows no borders.

We had the pleasure of talking to this baking virtuoso for a delightful chat about her journey, her inspirations, and the magic that happens when art and cake collide.



A Sweet Legacy: From Pioneer to Pastry Royalty

If you think Jackie's artistry just sprung up overnight, you're in for a sweet surprise! Her artistic journey began at the age of six when she took home a medal in a kiddie art contest at her preschool. From that moment on, the creative spark was lit, and Jackie's passion for art kept growing brighter with each passing day. But it was her grandmother, the original Cake Queen of the Philippines, Avelina-Carbungco Florendo, who would unknowingly set Jackie on the path to becoming a master cake decorator herself. 

Fun fact: Her grandmother was the author of four cake decorating books, the very first books in cake making in the country.Talk about a family legacy of sweetness!

A Feast for the Eyes: Drawing Inspiration from Everywhere

You might wonder where Jackie finds the inspiration to whip up such enchanting cake designs. Well, she lets us in on her secret: it all starts with her clients! They bring the theme, and she takes it from there. Jackie dives into their mood boards, exploring ideas from movies, greeting cards, invitations, and even other crafts. It's like she has a built-in inspiration library in her mind, and she can turn any concept into a sugary masterpiece!

Mixing Magic with Technology

One of the things that make Jackie's creations truly extraordinary is her perfect blend of traditional baking and cutting-edge technology. She doesn't just rely on her regular kitchen tools; she also harnesses the power of 3D printers, Cricut machines, and laser cutters like FLUX. Who knew that art and technology could make such a delectable duo? With her ingenious approach, Jackie can seamlessly transition between edible and inedible mediums, elevating her cakes to a whole new level of wonder.

Jackie’s Recipe for Life: Advice from the Sweet Guru Herself

For those still searching for their creative calling, Jackie has some fantastic words of wisdom:

“You will never go hungry (figuratively and literally) if you have art in your life”

Art is vast and beautiful, and having an eye for design and color is an incredibly useful skill. Whether you're pursuing art as a hobby, stress reliever, or profession, it can lead you down countless rewarding paths. Just look at the rich tapestry of possibilities: from cake decorating to fashion, architecture to music videos, and beyond – art is the heartbeat of it all!

So, if you find yourself drawn to the world of creativity and self-expression, take a page from Jackie Florendo's book. Embrace the artistic adventure, nurture your passion, and remember: there's always something new to learn. Jackie proves that when you follow your heart and mix in a little sugar and imagination, you can create magic that will leave people in awe.

So, the next time you come across an extraordinary cake that makes you wonder, "How is that even possible?" just remember the name: Jackie Florendo, the Pastry Chef and Sugar Artist extraordinaire! Trust us; you won't be disappointed. Her delectable creations will leave your taste buds dancing and your eyes shining with sheer wonder. 

#LetsCreateHappy everyday, everyone!

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