Jocelyn Lindy To of scribblingeyedmd

Jocelyn Lindy To of scribblingeyedmd

“So let your mind wonder, try and try and try and try, enjoy and smile at the end when you actually touch your creation come to life”.

Sharing with you all another crafting journey of scribblingeyedmd. This will be a long post but really worth reading. ❤️

I’m Josh, Mom of 2, who plunged into creative arts very late in my life.
Thou in my early years, fascination to arts and crafts were evident. I enjoy finishing coloring books my elder brothers and sisters left unfinished. Turning scrap sheet of papers into anything thru origami but it was more of a past time versus hobby.
It was in 2013, after giving birth to my first born, where the need to label our kid’s 1st birthday party invitation (DIY to cut cost) that led me to start into pointed pen calligraphy. It didn’t help that my hubby was spoiling me with those exotic pens (He was kind of into Harry Potter and these pens liken to Wands for him).  From other types of calligraphy, watercolor art then mixed Media art, this interest continued. 2015-16 I learned about plotter cutters, I knew I wanted but was hesitant because it’s not readily available yet in the Philippines.

Fast forward June 2020, hubby learned about Cricut upon seeing my browser history and Amazon wish list and to justify his own wish list he coerced me to get one so he can sneak in his own toys on the shipment ( maximize shipping charge he shouted). It came, it stayed in the box but collected dust. It was not until Feb 2021 I muster the courage to open my maker 3 and that is what sealed the deal and led me to now a weekly trip to Happy Place. Now that I tried to reminisce, my hubby giving me this relentless guilt trip of leaving this maker 3 collect dust was also a motivator to open the box.

Joining forums and watching Youtube video you will see the immense possibility of my machine. The interest and “Can I? “Was the driving factor and turning a blind eye on wastage initially (it was costly majority of times) allowed me to continue. I was able to make my own stickers, personalized vector lamps, personalized mugs, and shirts (small wins). It then went to volumed handcrafted themed DIY printables, packages and treats for my kids’ birthday and school giveaway (big and significant savings on our part in terms of customized giveaway expense). It quickly evolved to 3d paper interactive crafts like cards and even cake toppers (ROI and some small revenue stream). From disastrous mistakes and to coin my kids, “it looks ugly” this continued trial and error cycle allowed me to further hone my craft and the encouragement (more of “ask” from my relatives) really helped me persevere.

Crafting with Cricut may seem overwhelming at first, but remember there are so many help and experts you can tap on plus numerous tools out there that can make things actually easy. All of them when used in conjunction make your imagination come to life. So let your mind wonder, try and try and try and try (did I say try again?), enjoy and smile at the end when you actually touch your creation come to life.

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