Easy DIY Table Number Luminaries


We're so excited to share with you this easy DIY table number luminary.  These luminaries are both functional and pretty at the same time.  You can customize it according to the theme of your party.  For this project, we chose a design suitable for wedding or debuts.  Let's get started!

First off, you will need the following items:

- regular bond paper or cardstock, depending on your preference.  Cardstocks will be sturdier but thicker.  Regular paper will be thin enough so that the light goes through the luminary paper bag.  Using Cricut Vellum will be an even nicer option, as it will allow the light to cast a soft glow on the table.  

battery operated tea lights

- Cricut Weeding Tool

- Cricut Scoring Stylus

- glue

Step One:

1.  Look for a bag shape you like. For the images, we downloaded some flowers and uploaded it to  Design Space.  Uploading images is easy.  Click to watch video here.

2.  Arrange the images until you are satisfied.  When you are, make sure you hit the "attach" button (encircled) to fix your layout.  Cricut Design Space rearranges your layout by default, and not always in a way that's practical. So be sure to click 'attach' before proceeding.


3.  After you have attached all images together, click the "make it now" button, which will bring you to...  


4.  The canvass mat.  Check to make sure that the paper measurements are correct.  After making sure everything is in place, hit the "continue" button.


5.  Depending on the material you will use, this is where you can select the paper settings.  In our case, we chose 'Paper' on the custom dial on the machine.


6.  Load your cutting mat and hit the blinking button.

7. After cutting, take the mat out and weed away!

8.  Once you've finished weeding, carefully peel off the mat from the paper and assemble as needed.


That's it!  




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