DIY Your Own Planner Stickers with Cricut

Hello everyone!  Happy new year!  How's everyone doing?  As for us, we are busy preparing and planning for exciting activities this year. And to keep us on track and motivated, we created these really cute planner stickers!

I have to say, it was really fun creating these stickers.  As a die hard planner girl myself, stickers are my weakness :drools:.  There's just something so fulfilling about taking a plain notebook page, and prettifying it with your handwriting and stickers. And stickers that you made yourself? Even better!

So, I want to share this simple tutorial I made.  The hardest part was deciding which pattern I wanted to use for which label! There are just so many to choose from!! Do I create a sticker for appointments? For bills due?  Or maybe I should create stickers for my journal?  The possibilities are endless!

To start, open Design Space (DS) and choose 'Shapes' from the left panel on Design Space. In this case, I chose square for my first sticker, and resized it to a rectangle.


After resizing the rectangle, the next step is to choose what color to fill it in with.  This is where the fun begins!

With the chosen shape selected, click on the 'Fill' toggle on the editing menu.  It will bring down two options - No Fill and Print.  Select 'Print.'


Once selected, click on the black square icon right beside the Fill toggle.  It should bring up a menu that looks like this:

You can choose between color or pattern.  In this case, I went right ahead and chose 'Pattern,' because, why not? 


This is what the 'Pattern' menu looks like.  Scroll down and you will see HUNDREDS of other patterns available!  See that 'Edit Pattern' on the lower left?  It's grayed out because there is no pattern selected.  But once you select one, you can click on it to adjust the pattern, and end up creating a new one! 

After going through hundreds of images (decisions! decisions!), I finally ended up selecting this:

Hint:  I edited this with the 'Edit Pattern' option.  This is not on the original collection of patterns. 

Typed in a label for the sticker, and added a white space for me to note down important events. After making sure everything was in place, I hit the 'Flatten' tool (lower right of the canvass).  What 'Flatten' does is to put all layers together as one image.  This is usually used when you want to print an image, which is the case for this sticker.

And .... voila!! My very first planner sticker! 

Hit the 'Duplicate' button on the editing menu to make copies of your sticker.

And because it was so much fun, I created some more stickers!

When you're ready, click the 'Make it' button on the top right of your DS canvass.  It should bring up a layout of your images for cutting.  Click 'Continue'.


And VOILA! Cricut sticker sheet ready for cutting!

I cannot wait to create more stickers!  We used Cricut Printable Vinyl - we love this because the ink does not smudge, even when wet.  Plus, and this is a big plus, it's compatible with your inkjet printer too.  No need to get a special printer for it.  Oh, and another plus - since it's a Cricut compatible product, you do not need to play around with the cut settings.  It's all programmed and stored inside Design Space settings.  

We'd love to see what stickers you have made with your Cricut! Let us know in the comments section!  Happy planning!




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