DIY Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's is just around the corner! In case you're thinking of a simple craft that you can do, here's an easy Valentine's day card for you.


To start, we welded these two rounded rectangles together.  You can search for your own rounded rectangle shapes on Google. The weld tool basically does what it says - it fuses layers together.



We wanted a swirly, flourishy font, so we chose this pretty "I Love Glitter" font to go with it. 

This font is available here.  You can also check out all the flourishes and special characters you can add.


When you type out the fonts on Design Space, you will notice that the letters are separated.  Normally, if you plan to cut out these letters, you will have to ungroup the letters, move them closer together, then use the 'Weld' tool to fuse the letters together for cutting.  But since we are just printing the image, we used the 'Flatten' tool instead. Flattening it turns the image into a printable image.


Next, we want to put a heart shaped cutout in the middle of the card.  To do that, first you choose the heart shape from the list of shapes on the left toolbar.


To cut out the heart, we will use the 'Slice' tool - which you use to cut one image out of another.  Note that you can use the slice tool for a maximum of two selected layers only.  In this case, let's select the rounded rectangle layer (the layer to be cut) and the heart shape (the shape we want to cut).

Voila!  We now have a rounded rectangle with a heart cut out!  Slicing resulted in two new heart shaped layers.  Since we do not need two layers, let's delete one heart shaped layer, and use the remaining layer for our glitter sticker.

Resize the layer to fit within the heart cut out.  You may also choose to make it bigger - it's really up to you!  We changed the color of this layer to red, since it will be cutting red colored glitter sticker.


Finally, as this is a card, we need to add scoring lines.  Select the scoring line from the Shapes button on the left toolbar.

To make sure that the scoring line is centered, you may use the Align button on the top toolbar.  This ensures that the scoring line falls exactly on the center of your chosen image.

And now, we're ready to click Make It!



And there you have it - a personalized Valentine's card in less than 30 minutes!  We hope you had fun making this as we did!  Till the next craft!


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