Cricut Explore + Design Space = Make Something Amazing!

So you now know what the Cricut can do.  And, if you are like us, you are probably giddy with excitement over the many, many projects you can do with the Cricut.  But, how do you start?  The Cricut machine alone is not enough to begin your first project.  You need to have the Cricut Design Space app to let the Cricut work its magic.

The Cricut Design Space is a cloud based software that works in tandem and exclusively with Cricut Explore machines.  It is in Design Space where you get to play around with the images, fonts and colors before your project goes to cut.  You can even upload your own images on Design Space!  And since it is cloud based, you can access it through your desktop computers, laptops or mobile phones. 

Here is a short introductory video for Design Space:

 It is here where you get to bring your projects to life by using features such as slice, weld, contour, attach and flatten.  Here's another video to give you a better idea:

Of course, as with any new software/app, there is a bit of a learning curve.  It's not difficult to familiarize yourself with them - as Cricut has made Design Space as user friendly as possible.  It's just that there are so many ways you can design a project - the possibilities really are endless.  Don't worry - we will get there soon! More on the Design Space functions in our next posts.

In the meantime, stay tuned as we feature simple but beautiful projects you can make as soon as you get your own Cricut machine. Stay tuned!



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