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With Women's Entrepreneurship day coming up on November 19, we here at The Happy Station asked some women with their own craft business to share their own stories. First up is Camille Herrera of Sprinkles & Co. 

Tell us about your business.

I'm Camille Herrera from Sprinkles & Co. You can check us out on Instagram under @sprinklesandcoph and on Facebook,  Sprinkles & Co.'s meaning is actually Sprinkles & Confetti, Our main product line is anything related to parties, events or celebrations. From cake & cupcake toppers, to banners & buntings, to balloons, lootbags, party favors, etc.  We're even getting ready to launch our complete desserts buffet setup line.

When did you start your business?

Sprinkles & Co. started last January 06, 2021. We're new to the industry with just nine months of operations, and we're still adjusting and coping with the new trends and techniques needed in our business. We still have a lot to learn from the mentors, ambassadors & legends of the crafting world.

What made you decide to go into this line of business?

We came up with this idea and decided to pursue this line of business since I've been into arts & crafts since I was young.  My elementary and high school days - I loved making scrapbooks, journals, diaries and even our school's bulletin board. Since I'm not good at drawing or doodling, I focused more on paper arts & crafts. Then, I saw Cricut on the web way back, but unfortunately, didn't have the means to buy one.   Having one was a long-time dream. Then, last Christmas of 2020, my husband asked me what I wanted as a gift for the holidays. Maybe it's a sign that my long time dream will come true when before he even asked me about the gift, I came across Cricut again on Instagram. The first one I saw was the Cricut Explore Air 2 & Maker. But thinking and upon seeing the price, I told my husband if I can get the Cricut Joy instead. But, given the supportive husband he is, he told me that we can get the Cricut Explore Air 2 and I agreed, told him that'll served as both Christmas & birthday gift to me. The rest was history. And now, we already have the Maker.

What is your role in it? Do you handle both the creative and the management side, or you handle the creative side and someone else handles management, logistics etc?

I handle everything from the creative & management side, to the logistics, etc. But sometimes, my husband helps me with the management & creative side, since he's more creative than me.😅 (KT: Yay for supportive husbands!)

What actions, if there are any, did you take before officially launching your business?

We browsed the net for some inspirations, read some blogs about the same business, came up with some ideas on what to do and launch first. We also brainstormed for name ideas and logo designs. We set up our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then, we bought some initial inventory. The rest followed.

How long did it take before you received your first official order?

After we bought the Cricut, we got our first official order from my niece, who is a baker. Our first orders were for two dozen cupcake toppers.

What do you love most about running your business?

I love that we get to do what we love to do, which are arts & crafts. We get to express our creative side and we get to be our own bosses too, while spending quality time together as a family.

What are the biggest challenges you encountered in running this business?

The biggest challenges we've encountered in running our business so far was, when the machine broke down after we bought it, when orders were already coming in. But with The Happy Station's efficient and quality before and after sales services, our machine was replaced in no time, hassle-free. Ms. KT, and the rest of the THS team were and still are by far the best seller & customer service reps we've encountered up to this day. I can 100% attest to all their superb handling of complaints to customer satisfaction. (On behalf of the THS team, thank you so much for your kind words ~ KT)

In your opinion, what are the top three things your business needs in order to thrive?

As for me, since we're just nine months into the business, we still have a lot more to learn, experience and offer. But in order for us to thrive, the top three things we need are:

1. More Creativity - we need to come up with newer, more creative, unique things to offer. We have to always think outside the box for more ideas.

2. Marketing Strategy - we need to focus as well on how we can market our products not just on social media, but in other ways as well.  

3. Equipment - For now, we only have 1 Cricut Maker, a laptop, a printer & laminator. As more orders are coming in, we want to add some additional equipment too, including Cricut, of course as part of our expansion plans in our business.

What are your top three favorite crafting tools?

The Portable Trimmer since i'm not good with measurements😅 Next would be the Scraper and the hobby knife.

Any memorable moments in your crafting business?

We were lucky enough to be included / featured in one of the billboards in Edsa, showing our BTS 3D letter lightboxes under the Coldplay x BTS collab fan videos.

Really?!? Your work was featured on Edsa's billboard? Congrats!

Yes po. Naswerte po na naisama yung 3D letters ko po nung isang co-army friend ko na nagpatrend ng hashtag sa collab ng Coldplay & BTS. Then fortunately, napili po.


Camille's BTS 3D Letters on Coldplay's Official FB page featured on Edsa


First thing that came to mind when you saw your work in Edsa from Coldplay's Official FB?

Medyo naiyak po ako 😅  Ilang beses ko pa nga po pinanuod kasi akala ko prank lang ng mga Army friends ko. Then mas nanginig po ako nung nakita ko po san nakapost. Nasa Coldplay Official FB page🤗💜

I'm sure on a high ka for ilang weeks din.

Hanggang ngayon po. Hahahaha

Never po kasi sa buong buhay ko na malagay sa billboard, i mean yung mga gawa ko po😅  Tinitignan ko lang po dati pag nadaan sa Edsa tapos naiisip ko lang po na sana one day mailagay ako dun or works ko😅

Super happy for you! Super inspiring ng experience mo. Tips for crafters who are thinking of going into crafting as a business as well?

Our simple advice to those who are thinking and dreaming of going into crafting as a business is to just go for it. There are no right or wrong steps. If you have the means & you're physically, mentally, emotionally and financially capable, then go. Start doing and making your passion and dreams come true. Crafting is a learning process itself. You'll learn a lot of things as you go on your business. You'll discover new trends, tips & techniques everytime. There are groups who can help you a lot on the process too. All you have to do is just be yourself, be happy, get creative and all else will follow.

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