10 Craft Businesses to Start in 2022

A new year brings new hopes, goals and dreams.  If you have been thinking of starting a craft business, or have been dreaming of expanding your product line, here are some of our favorite crafts by local crafters to inspire you. 

Cake Toppers 

From simple "happy birthday" sentiments to the more elaborate and personalized ones, cake toppers are still all the rage. Even in the pandemic ridden world, people will always find ways to celebrate birthdays and special occasions in style. There are a multitude of materials (like cardstocks and vinyls), designs and color combinations to choose from. Just let your creative juices flow! 

Cake Topper by Apple Tan


Shirts Galore

Personalized shirts are a fun and exciting way for people to show their personalities. Offer event shirts for Zoom meetings or parties, special celebration shirts, or everyday shirts that highlight their personalities!

Personalized shirts by Veron Grace Abacan



No celebration is complete without invitations - they set the mood for upcoming events. You can create your own artwork and print pretty, one-of-a-kind invitations with a printer:

Printed invitations by Jeannie. She sells SVG files over at ListLab

Or you can go one step further and foil them.  Foiling creates a classy touch,  making great looking designer notepads and invitations for your clients. You can foil monograms, logos, and labels to suit every occasion-- instant elegance!

Foiled invitations - Loren Adarna Canz/ Crafted Colors


Personalized Notecards

With so much interest in journaling and calligraphy, handwritten notes are making a huge comeback. Offer personalized notecards and notepads in your shop too. They make perfect gifts for people who already have everything!


Notecards by Arenz Carreon.  He bakes the prettiest cakes over at The Baking Artist

Cute Hairbows

Kids are going to have to stay in longer, but that doesn’t mean they can't use pretty hairbows to liven up their days. Check out these pretty bows! Can you believe they're handmade?

 Hair bows by JapzCraft


Mugs, Tumblers, Cups and Glasses

Hydration is ultra important these days so every one needs a mug or bottle to have around the house. However, this is the one instance where NOT SHARING is caring – each member of the household should have their own mug.  So, offer to personalize it for them! Don’t stop with just names-- go with funny quotes, labels, their favorite character! Let your creativity shine! 


Sublimated BTS mug by The Happy Station


 Planner Stickers

People love to put their lives in order and what better way to do that than having a planner to organize their lives. Offer planner stickers to make their year colorful and bright! Check out this sticker designed by Vince Art Studio in collaboration with The Happy Station.

 Planner sticker by Vince Art Studio


Pillow Covers

 Adorable throw pillow covers make homes cozier. Personalize each in fun shapes and colors, or even your favorite quote!

 Throw pillow cover by The Googly Gooeys.

All About the Home

 You won’t go wrong when you focus on products for the home. You will not run out of things to label or decorate --canister labels, tea towel labels, kitchen pantry labels, bathroom bottle labels, wall art and decals, home décor, wall plaques, family rules signages, magnet boards, family calendar...the list is unsurprisingly endless!

 Pantry labels by Lea Condes / Le Paperie


Children’s Artworks

Kids are art geniuses and their artworks are priceless. Immortalize their work by transferring their art into shirts, bags and totes, keychains! They’ll be so giddy to find their artworks in actual products!

 Personalized shirts by HelloMardie


Be sure to back up your idea with a sound business and marketing plan and don’t forget to provide excellent customer service for your clients.  We hope some of these ideas will inspire you to start your business. With the right tools and equipment, we are sure you will be on the right track to success in 2022. 



  • @jennylene baluyot – the Explore 3 would be a good machine that can do all the crafts mentioned here.

    Kt THS
  • Hi! I would like to ask what is the recommended cricut machine to create all of this sample crafts? Can 1 machine do this all? How much?

    jennylene baluyot
  • Wow! This is amazing! 😍
    Excited to try this. Noon pa, dream ko na po ang ganitong business. Nag-iipon palang pang bili ng mga crafting machines! Super nakaka-inspired po kayo. Maraming salamat po! ♥️

    Kcy Ignacio Penas

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